Real-Time Reach

Got a location? We’ve got an audience for that.

Whether you want to reach your own customers, or geo-conquest your competitor’s buyers, you also have to power to snapshot time. Reach your target with custom date ranges as recent as 24 hours or as far back as 12 months.


Wield the power of XactAudience to target your customers within a 3 foot geospatial polygon. Real-time GPS coordinates ensure your message is both accurate and relevant.


Drop the megaphone! Engage with your prospects to send tailored messages with pin-point accuracy, directly. Leverage our cross-device platform for expanded coverage.

Surgical Strategies For The Modern Marketer

Cut out the middlemen and target Xact…

Show Me How

The Business Cure For Covid.


While most businesses struggle with the current marketing landscape, pivot and produce new revenue with our deliberate response to Covid. 2021 will be the year to re-ignite your brand!


XactAudience leverages best-in-class building footprint data and business metadata, allowing for the seamless integration of over 10M US business locations available to target.


We offer bespoke audience creation for any size business.


Completely Platform-Agnostic: Choose your social channel and/or DSP.


The Ultimate KPI: Foot Traffic. We only target devices seen in your POI.


Better insights = Smarter Marketing Campaigns that can SCALE.

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