XactAudience is powered by opted-in GPS data, received from smartphones.

That is, when someone opts-in to share their location with an app, the lat/long data gathered from that app is what powers location-based marketing and analytics. 

We source mobile location data through our own SDK, mobile app publishers, and a select group of preferred data partners. All OS opt-outs are honored, no PII data is ever collected, and all device data is de-identified to ensure compliance and privacy standards are met.

XactAudience is an industry-agnostic solution for creating geo-targeting and geo-conquesting campaigns. What sets us apart is our platform’s flexibility and customizability. You are free to activate your audiences on any single system. Push them to social media, demand-side platforms, audience marketplaces, or export them to the activation partner of your choice. Take advantage of custom date ranges with the ability to target on a single, specific date or as far back as one year. We also offer location-based audiences that include devices that share a household. With these insights, you’ll make smarter campaign decisions and reach more relevant audiences that convert.

What can I expect from this process? Review our step-by-step approach below:

Step 1

Data Ingestion

We take the location data, aggregate and anonymize it to prevent the collection of personal identifiable information, making sure it is clean for targeting.

Step 2

Location Matching

We then match the locations to a point of interest (POI). This process requires up-to-date business information, to properly categorize them and maintain accurate building footprint data.

Step 3

Data Enrichment

Richer audience profiles sometimes require the appending of other demographic or behavioral insights. Data integrity is a cornerstone of our offering and therefore is never compromised.

Step 4

Audience Creation

We begin with a strategic planning session to identify the business goals and relevant KPI’s. Our team then builds out your bespoke audience segments, preparing them for activation.

Step 5

Audience Activation

XactAudience provides the flexibility to choose whichever activation partner you desire. All social media channels and demand-side platforms are accepted.

Step 6

Attribution & Analytics

Leverage our unrivaled foot traffic attribution & data-driven insights to optimize and expand your reach. More importantly, convert your niche audience to accelerate business growth.  

Current . Compliant . Clean.

In a world of wasted marketing spend, we deliver your XactAudience.

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